Palace Edition. Magazine Cover

Illustration cover (wrap around) for bi-annual magazine, Palace Edition for Historic Royal Palaces’ public programme. The spring/summer edition marked the 100th anniversary of The Representation of the People’s Act of 1918. It reflected the lead story of Leonora Cohen, the Tower Suffragette. 


In February 1913 Cohen staged a protest. She entered the upper Wakefield Tower, which at the time held the Crown Jewels. Moments later she flung an iron bar into the case containing the coronation regalia. She had the attention not only of the Yeoman Warders who placed her under arrest but of the whole city. Around the bar was a message that read:


“Jewel House, Tower of London. My Protest to the Government for its refusal to Enfranchise Women but continues to torture women prisoners – Deeds Not Words. Leonora Cohen”/ [reverse} “Votes for Women. 100 Years of Constitutional Petition, Resolutions, Meetings & Processions have Failed”.

© 2021  Illustrator | Zinta Jaunitis

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