Zinta Jaunitis is a London based artist making drawings and prints. Her practice is centred in drawing, blurring and exploring the subtle spaces between observation and imagination. As such her work often carries silent stories and narratives that recall a feeling or memory. 

To invite the joy of ‘happy accidents' she layers expressive mark-making and printmaking processes, including monoprinting. Whether she is drawing with ink using a kebab stick or painting with a brush, Zinta delights in the fluidity of unpredictable materials which create movement and an element ]of chance and control in her work.


With degrees in design, illustration and visual culture her work combines a wide scope of literary and art history references which she often uses as playful tactics to spark a lyrical and intuitive response.

 Zinta co-founded and is a member of an all female illustration collective, Camby Pamby.






London Creative Network Artist Development Scheme (6-months)

Artist Support Pledge

Camberwell College of Art Summer Show

Deptford Does Art Illustration + Print Show

London Illustration Fair (with Camby Pamby)